Why Soya candles?

Why soya candles


Add the scent of a Sandrine & Jo candle to your room and let the subtle fragrance transform the mood. Here are a few good reasons why soya candles can make all the difference to the ambiance.

Give the room a clean, fresh feel

Let the wonderful fragrance of Sandrine & Jo candles freshen the room with no unwelcome side effects. Soya candles are recognized for their clean burning qualities so there is no smoke or soot left coating the ceiling, wall and fabrics. Soya wax drips can be easily cleaned with a little bit of water and soap, so once your candle has burned you are left with beautiful scents and relaxing memories.

Fill the room with nature's fragrances

Enjoy the magnificent scent of our high quality candles made from natural soya wax. Soya is a renewable and environmentally conscious resource that burns cleanly and slowly and does not increase carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Relax and enjoy the fragrance knowing you are savoring nature's aromas and not the potentially toxic chemicals of a paraffin candle.

Choose an ethically made alternative

Sandrine & Jo luxury candles are hand-crafted and hand-poured. We make every effort to source our candle ingredients from sustainable sources and ethically responsible suppliers. Because soya is a natural, biodegradable product our candles do not undergo any chemical treatments or factory processes, nor include any unwanted artificial additives which are potentially harmful to the environment.

Enjoy more time with your favorite scent

Soya is a natural product which requires less heat and burns at a lower temperature than paraffin candles. The result is a slower burning time so your candles last longer.



100% natural soya

Ηand poured and ethically made, our candles are made from 100% high quality soya wax and pure botanical oils. Set the mood with a fresh fragrance from our Sandrine & Jo candle collection.


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Free delivery

Discover the beautiful fragrance of our soya candles and get free delivery in Greece on all orders over 75 Euros. Choose from our collections a scent that suits your mood.