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Welcome to the “www.SandrineandJo.com” website.

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias provides the services available on the Website.When using a part or the whole of this Website, completing your customer registration with us and/or placing an order on the Website you confirm to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are binding for both the Seller, hereafter referred to as “Sandrine and Jo” of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias O.E. and the Buyer hereafter referred to as the “Customer”.

These Terms and Conditions and your use of the Website are governed by Hellenic Law and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek Court. This does not affect your non-excludable statutory rights.

A. Price 

A.1. All prices are quoted in EURO and include VAT.
A.2. Postage and packaging prices will be charged at an extra cost to the price of any goods, and are stated individually on the Website. 

B. Payment

We use SSL encryption to ensure that information is secure for online payment using a shared IP address. Payments must be made in EURO and by one of the following credit card payment methods: Visa, Paypal  or Euroline.

C. Passing of Property 

Sandrine & Jo of  HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias Ο.Ε. shall retain ownership of the goods until full payment has been made by the customer and the funds have been received.

D. Passing of Risk

The risk in the goods shall pass to the Customer on delivery, as defined in clause E.4. below.

E. Delivery 

E.1. For Greece Recorded Delivery: Monday to Friday only. Please allow 5 working days.
E.2.For European delivery: postage is charged at cost. Delivery times may vary. Please allow 3 to 14 days depending on the service you choose to pay for. You can select one of the  courier services we use.
E.3.Occasionally we may be temporarily out of stock of an item shown on our Website. If any products are not in stock at the moment you order them, they will be sent to you as soon as they are received from the manufacturer. Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias O.E. cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery caused by third parties.
E.4. If an order is lost by a third party, Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias O.E. has no obligation once it has left their trading premises. If our products arrive damaged, a refund or exchange will be applied and accepted if the goods are returned together with their original packaging within 7 days of receipt to:

Hetexco S.J.Nahmias O.E.
52 Dios  Street 
144 51 Metamorfosi  


Once the parcel has been signed for, we hold no further responsibility, so if the customer believes that the package has been impaired it is up to their discretion to refuse to sign for the goods.

F. Acceptance

Upon receipt of the ordered items, the Customer has a period of seven days to inspect the goods and shall be deemed to have accepted the goods unless within 7 days after their receipt the Customer has notified the seller that the goods are refused.If we have not been notified within the set period of days, Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias O.E.  shall consider the products being as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for their purposes, and may not accept any reject at a later date.

G. Return Procedure

G.1. If the goods are not to be accepted and are to be returned in the specified period of time set in clause F, the Customer must follow our return procedure as explained in clause G.2.below. Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias O.E. will not accept any returned goods if their return does not follow the aforementioned return procedure.
G.2. The Customer must send all returns within 7 days of receipt to:


Hetexco S.J.Nahmias O.E.
52 Dios Street
144 51 Metamorfosi  


Please ship the package via an insured courier and keep the shipment receipt in case the package is damaged or lost in transit.

G.3. In cases where the product is not accepted due to an imperfection or a mistake in the order, the Customer has a right to a full refund or replacement. The faulty or defective product must be returned to Sandrine & Jo of  HETEXCO S.J. Nahmias O.E. before we replace or refund your order.
G.4. In cases where the Customer rejects one product because they are dissatisfied or have ordered incorrectly, the Customer will be partially refunded only (full refund less postage, where post & packaging will be charged according to the cost of dispatch for each country). Goods must be returned to HETEXCO S.J. Nahmias O.E. before the partial refund can be issued. When you return goods you must keep your shipment receipt as we cannot be held responsible for parcels that are lost during transit.

H. Cancellations

H.1. Cancellations are accepted if and where the Customer follows carefully the cancellation procedure and before the order has been dispatched. If the goods have been dispatched before the cancellation, the return procedure mentioned in clause G will be applied. If the Customer does not comply with the cancellation procedure, the order will be considered valid and the Customer will remain liable for the full payment.
H2. Cancellations can be made by sending an email to info@sandrineandjo.com. If the goods have already left our premises, Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J. Nahmias O.E. can not refund any cost spent on postage & packaging (see clause G.2. & G.4.).


Wholesale Terms and Conditions



The following are the Conditions that will apply to all sales of Sandrine & Jo (“the Seller”) products to any purchaser (“the Buyer”) and will prevail over all terms or conditions contained or referred to, in the Buyes’s order.

A. Selling

A.1 The Buyer is allowed to sell goods to individuals only through the buyer’s registered premises. If more selling points are opened then the buyer needs written approval from Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J. Nahmias O.E.
A.2 Sales of our products through the internet are not allowed unless the buyer has obtained written permission.
A.3 Sales of our products through a third party, bazaars, schools, or other outlets such as Amazon, EBay etc. are not allowed.

B. Title and Risk

B.1 The seller has the right to repossession of all goods sold to the buyer in the case of the buyer not being able to fulfill his financial obligations to Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J. Nahmias Ο.Ε.
B.2 Full title of the products will remain with Sandrine & Jo of HETEXO S.J.Nahmias Ο.Ε. until the payment is effected by the buyer.
B.3 All risks associated with the goods will pass to the buyer on delivery.

C.  Delivery

C.1 We make all imaginable effort to be able to deliver each order on time. The delivery dates are approximate and do not constitute a contract so in cases where we fail to meet an exact date our company will not be held liable.
C.2 We ONLY make deliveries from our premises.
C.3 Any changes to the delivery schedule must be communicated in writing 72 hours before the shipment and not during weekend hours or holidays.

D.  Prices

D.1 All our prices are stated in our pricelist and are relevant to the agreed quantities.The seller, Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias O.E., may at any time review and alter the set prices taking into consideration any changes in labor, taxes or material increases.
D. 2 According to Hellenic Law all goods exported to the European Union will not include VAT TAX as this will be added by the buyer. All goods sold in the Greek market will include VAT TAX.

E. Terms of Payment

E.1 All payment of invoices must be settled within 30 days of the date of invoice, unless other ways of payment are agreed.
E.2 All overdue accounts will be charged with a 3% bank interest rate from the date of the due payment until the date the amount is settled.

F. Warranty and Liability

F.1.We Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J.Nahmias O.E. will not be held liable to the Buyer:
i) In case of shortage in quantity received. The buyer has the obligation to inform us in writing up to 7 days after the receipt of goods that there is a shortage in the quantity received.
ii) In case of receipt of damaged goods or loss of part of the products during transit. All goods leaving our premises must be insured against potential risks of damage incurred during transportation. The buyer has the obligation to notify us within 7 days after receipt of goods.
iii) For defects in the goods caused by any act, neglect or default of the Buyer or of any third party.
F.2. In cases where the buyer has received defective or damaged products or has undelivered goods we Sandrine & Jo of HETEXCO S.J. Nahmias Ο.Ε. will not be held accountable for any subsequent profit or loss.

G. Insolvency and Default

 In cases where the buyer is declared bankrupt we the seller have the right to stop or suspend further deliveries to this company.

H. General

 This contract shall be governed in accordance to Hellenic Laws and all parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Greek courts.

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